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We think the benefits of buying at Sour Lake Chevrolet far outweigh those of private sellers and used car lots. At our dealership, we’re committed to providing you with more options, more convenience, and the best customer services around.


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At Sour Lake Chevrolet, our reputation matters. We want to ensure that every customer leaves feeling confident and happy in their purchase, and continues to feel that way throughout the ownership experience. Our team is committed to being there after the sale is complete to answer questions or address concerns. You won’t find that kind of commitment from private sellers or a used car lot.

Extra options

When you buy from a private seller, you pretty much get what you see. At dealerships, it’s a different story. Not only can you choose to upgrade your vehicle with dealer-installed accessories, like a premium sound system, but you can get options that will enhance your ownership experience down the line.

For instance, dealers can offer extended warranties for extra protection, and may also offer promotional benefits like free oil changes or other maintenance perks.

Financing benefits

One of the biggest hurdles in buying a car is figuring out the financing. When you buy from a private seller, you have to take care of the financing on your own. This means going to lending companies like banks and credit unions to look for the best loan options. In some instances, lending companies won’t even finance a vehicle being sold by a private seller, because they won’t trust them to correctly value the car.

Dealerships like Sour Lake Chevrolet are known to offer accurate pricing, which might mean that the lending companies are willing to give you a better loan deal.

Another financing benefit to buying from Sour Lake Chevrolet is that we offer our own financing options. This can be much more convenient for the buyer than shopping around at third parties.

Contact us at Sour Lake Chevrolet for more information about financing a new vehicle with us. Or stop by to speak with one of our experienced Financial Department reps in person.

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