Truck Maintenance While You’re Using It Less

If you aren’t driving your truck much these days, you might view it as an extra blessing. After all, if you’re not driving, you’re not filling the tank or paying for maintenance as often, right? However, preparing a vehicle like a pickup truck for long term storage is still an important step. Here are some simple ways to keep your Chevy truck healthy while you’re using it less.


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Clean it

Giving your vehicle a good spring-cleaning is always a must. Make sure you scrub it from the inside out, getting anything you need out of the interior and tossing any trash. Make sure you get any dirt or debris that could wear at your truck over time and finish with a coat of fresh polish. Worried about rust? Invest in an undercoating spray to protect again it.

Inflate the tires

Tires have a tendency to expand or contract depending on temperature fluctuations, and you don’t want to take your truck out of storage only to find out it has a flat. Prevent this by making sure its tires are filled to the maximum recommended tire pressure. Still, when your pickup truck comes out of storage for the first time, it’s a good idea to top off those tires again.

Fill the gas tank

It’s valid to be concerned about moisture building up in the fuel tank while your truck is idle. Prevent the watering down of your fuel by heading to a gas station to fill up your tank before you park it for a long period of time.

Top off the fluids

Fluids are crucial to the life of your truck. For example, oil keeps everything lubricated in your engine to prevent wear-and-tear under the hood. After you’ve topped off or replaced all your fluids, run your truck one last time to get all the fresh fluids circulating.

Protect the battery

Make sure you run your truck’s engine occasionally. Otherwise, its battery will deplete due to disuse and eventually die. It’s recommended you let your truck run at least every few weeks to help keep the battery in good shape.

Contact us at Sour Lake Chevrolet if your truck has any serious service issues. We’re here to take the headache out of car care so you can focus more on enjoying your Chevy truck.

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