Personalize Your 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe With These Accessories

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is an excellent truck-based SUV. It gives you plenty of interior seating and cargo space along with impressive, rugged capabilities for towing and hauling. If you want to help your Tahoe stand out from the crowd and work better for your lifestyle, try some of these accessories.


All-Weather Floor Liners

With a set of all-weather floor liners, you can protect the interior from any of the dirt and grime that you drag in on the bottom of your shoes. These liners are designed for a tight, accurate fit so dirt does not find its way under the liners. When they get dirty, they can be removed and easily cleaned with a hose.

Cargo Liner

To keep your cargo area protected, you can add an integrated cargo liner. It covers the rear cargo area as well as the backs of the third-row seats. It easily slides back and forth when you raise and lower the third row.

Tailer Hitch

If you plan to do any towing, make sure you have the right equipment. There are multiple trailer hitches available for the Tahoe. Be sure to choose the one that is rated to tow as much as you need. The Tahoe can tow up to 8,200 pounds when properly equipped.

Trailer Wiring Adapter

A 7-way electric adapter makes it easy to connect trailers and RVs. Simply plug in what you need and drive; you don’t need to cut or splice.

Trailer Hitch Locks

Keep your trailer secure and deter theft with a trailer hitch lock. There are a variety of trailer hitch locks available to suit your needs.

Trailer Hitch Ball

Choose the right trailer hitch ball for your towing needs. There are a few sizes to choose from, including 2 5/16-inch, 1 7/8-inch, and 2-inch. The hitch balls come with fine threads for a stronger hold.

Whether you need to haul a trailer for work or just want to protect your Tahoe’s interior, there are many items that will help you do that. Contact our team at Sour Lake Chevrolet for more info on ordering parts and accessories.